Bridgestone E5 and E6 Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf has been around for quite a while, but its only in the last couple of years that I’ve seen their balls on the shelves of local pro shops and retailers. They are fast gaining a reputation for quality. I know a golfer who has converted in the last year to Bridgestone balls and swears that they are the best on the market.

The E5 and E6 models made Golf Digest’s 2006 Hot List for Value Performance balls.

The E5 is designed to produce higher trajectory for greater distance, while still offering soft feel around the green. The ball has a two-piece urethane cover with a seamless 432-dimple pattern. The Seamless Cover Technology is supposed to eliminate any vagries in ball flight that come from the intersection of seams and dimples.

Bridgestone’s E6 is aimed at players who need to hit the fairway more often.  The 330-dimple design and the seamless cover are designed to reduce sidespin, and thus, hooks and slices.

Interestingly, Golf Digest’s criticism of the two balls was that the editors were “not sure how to choose between the two.” Let me help them out: E5=Distance; E6=Accuracy.

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2 thoughts on “Bridgestone E5 and E6 Golf Balls”

  1. I picked up a number of various sleeves at the Golf store the other day and started today out with the Bridgestone e5.  I usually play with HX Hots, and have recently tried the Nike Ignites.  I was surprised by the e5, it plays better than the other $20 balls I have used like the Big Bertha red and the Noodle (I know Noodle is now usually less than $20). —I think as I work though my inventory of other balls, I will probably start playing with these e5s regularly.  I unfortunately sank 2 of the 3 today.

  2. The TA2/SPN from Nike was discontinued, so I moved over to the e5 and like it very much.  It stops on the green and flies straight off the driver and feels nice on the putter face.  A steal at 20.00/dozen.  The urethane cover is great.


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