Bridgestone B330-S 2007

I liked the Bridgestone B330 when I reviewed it last year, and it’s now apparently been updated for 2007.

The B330-S was a gold medalist in this year’s Golf Digest Hot List. It is, of course, a three piece design. The “new” parts of the ball are in the materials, according to Bridgestone. There’s a “newly enhanced Speed Elasticity Core” which is supposed to help with distance, a reengineered Ionomer inner layer to help with spin, and an improved ureethane cover for additional feel, control and durability.

The big deal with the Bridgestone balls, though, is with their “seamless” covers. It makes perfect sense to me that a ball with a seamless cover will fly straighter than one with a seam, ceteris paribus.


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