British Open Championship Winners

Young Tom Morris wearing The Champion's Belt -- the original prize for the Open Championship.
Young Tom Morris wearing The Champion’s Belt — the original prize for Open Championship winners.

The oldest of golf’s majors, the Open Championship extends back to 1860, when it was played by eight professionals at Prestwick Golf Club. The initial winner was Willie Park, Sr. He defeated the heavily favored “Old” Tom Morris by two strokes.

Harry Vardon holds the record for the most number of victories, with six.

Winners of the Open Championship originally received “The Champion’s Belt.” Later, the trophy became the famed Claret Jug.

The complete list of British Open Championship winners is below. A = amateur PO = Playoff, a number in parenthesis following a name indicates the number of Open Championships that player had won at that point.

YearVenueChampionCountryWinning Score
2022The Old CourseCameron SmithAustralia268 (-20)
2021Royal St. George’sColin MorikawaUS265 (-15)
2019Royal PortrushShane LowryIreland269 (-15)
2018CarnoustieFrancesco MolinariItaly276 (-8)
2017Royal BirkdaleJordan SpiethUnited States268 (-12)
2016Royal TroonHenrik StensonSweden264 (-20)
2015The Old Course at St AndrewsZach JohnsonThe United States273 (-15)
2014Royal LiverpoolRory McIlroyNorthern Ireland271 (-17)
2013MuirfieldPhil MickelsonUnited States281 (-3)
2012Royal Lytham and St. AnnesErnie Els (2)South Africa273 (-7)
2011Royal St. George’sDarren ClarkeNorthern Ireland275 (-5)
2010St AndrewsLouis OosthuizenSouth Africa272 (-16)
2009TurnberryStewart CinkUnited States278 (-2)PO
2008Royal Birkdale Golf ClubPádraig Harrington (2)Ireland283 (+3)
2007Carnoustie Golf LinksPádraig HarringtonIreland277 (–7)PO
2006Royal Liverpool Golf ClubTiger Woods (3)United States270 (–18)
2005St AndrewsTiger Woods (2)United States274 (–14)
2004Royal Troon Golf ClubTodd HamiltonUnited States274 (–10)PO
2003Royal St George’s Golf ClubBen CurtisUnited States283 (–1)
2002MuirfieldErnie ElsSouth Africa278 (–6)PO
2001Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf ClubDavid DuvalUnited States274 (–10)
2000St AndrewsTiger WoodsUnited States269 (–19)
1999Carnoustie Golf LinksPaul LawrieScotland290 (+6)PO
1998Royal Birkdale Golf ClubMark O’MearaUnited States280 (E)PO
1997Royal Troon Golf ClubJustin LeonardUnited States272 (–12)
1996Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf ClubTom LehmanUnited States271 (–13)
1995St AndrewsJohn DalyUnited States282 (–6)PO
1994TurnberryNick PriceZimbabwe268 (–12)
1993Royal St George’s Golf ClubGreg Norman (2)Australia267 (–13)
1992MuirfieldNick Faldo (3)England272 (–12)
1991Royal Birkdale Golf ClubIan Baker-FinchAustralia272 (–8)
1990St AndrewsNick Faldo (2)England270 (–18)
1989Royal Troon Golf ClubMark CalcavecchiaUnited States275 (–13)PO
1988Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf ClubSeve Ballesteros (3)Spain273 (–11)
1987MuirfieldNick FaldoEngland279 (–5)
1986TurnberryGreg NormanAustralia280 (E)
1985Royal St George’s Golf ClubSandy LyleScotland282 (+2)
1984St AndrewsSeve Ballesteros (2)Spain276 (–12)
1983Royal Birkdale Golf ClubTom Watson (5)United States275 (–9)
1982Royal Troon Golf ClubTom Watson (4)United States284 (–4)
1981Royal St George’s Golf ClubBill RogersUnited States276 (–4)
1980MuirfieldTom Watson (3)United States271 (–13)
1979Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf ClubSeve BallesterosSpain283 (–1)
1978St AndrewsJack Nicklaus (3)United States281 (–7)
1977TurnberryTom Watson (2)United States268 (–12)
1976Royal Birkdale Golf ClubJohnny MillerUnited States279 (–9)
1975Carnoustie Golf LinksTom WatsonUnited States279 (–5)PO
1974Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf ClubGary Player (3)South Africa282 (–2)
1973Royal Troon Golf ClubTom WeiskopfUnited States276 (–12)
1972MuirfieldLee Trevino (2)United States278 (–6)
1971Royal Birkdale Golf ClubLee TrevinoUnited States278 (–10)
1970St AndrewsJack Nicklaus (2)United States283 (–5)PO
1969Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf ClubTony JacklinEngland280 (–4)
1968Carnoustie Golf LinksGary Player (2)South Africa289 (+1)
1967Royal Liverpool Golf ClubRoberto De VicenzoArgentina278 (–10)
1966MuirfieldJack NicklausUnited States282 (+2)
1965Royal Birkdale Golf ClubPeter Thomson (5)Australia285 (–3)
1964St AndrewsTony LemaUnited States279 (–9)
1963Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf ClubBob CharlesNew Zealand277 (–7)PO
1962Royal Troon Golf ClubArnold Palmer (2)United States276 (–12)
1961Royal Birkdale Golf ClubArnold PalmerUnited States284 (–4)
1960St AndrewsKel NagleAustralia278 (–10)
1959MuirfieldGary PlayerSouth Africa284 (E)
1958Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf ClubPeter Thomson (4)Australia274 (–10)PO
1957St AndrewsBobby Locke (4)South Africa279 (–9)
1956Royal Liverpool Golf ClubPeter Thomson (3)Australia286 (–2)
1955St AndrewsPeter Thomson (2)Australia281 (–7)
1954Royal Birkdale Golf ClubPeter ThomsonAustralia283 (–5)
1953Carnoustie Golf LinksBen HoganUnited States282 (–6)
1952Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf ClubBobby Locke (3)South Africa287 (–1)
1951Royal Portrush Golf ClubMax FaulknerEngland285 (–3)
1950Royal Troon Golf ClubBobby Locke (2)South Africa279 (–9)
1949Royal St George’s Golf ClubBobby LockeSouth Africa283 (–5)
1948MuirfieldHenry Cotton (3)England288 (E)
1947Royal Liverpool Golf ClubFred DalyNorthern Ireland293 (+5)
1946St AndrewsSam SneadUnited States290 (+2)
1940–1945: No Championships because of World War II
1939St AndrewsRichard BurtonEngland290
1938Royal St George’s Golf ClubReg WhitcombeEngland295
1937Carnoustie Golf LinksHenry Cotton (2)England290
1936Royal Liverpool Golf ClubAlf PadghamEngland287
1935MuirfieldAlf PerryEngland283
1934Royal St George’s Golf ClubHenry CottonEngland283
1933St AndrewsDenny ShuteUnited States292PO
1932Prince’s Golf ClubGene SarazenUnited States283
1931Carnoustie Golf LinksTommy ArmourUnited States296
1930Royal Liverpool Golf ClubBobby Jones (a) (3)United States291
1929MuirfieldWalter Hagen (4)United States292
1928Royal St George’s Golf ClubWalter Hagen (3)United States292
1927St AndrewsBobby Jones (a) (2)United States285
1926Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf ClubBobby Jones (a)United States291
1925Prestwick Golf ClubJim BarnesUnited States300
1924Royal Liverpool Golf ClubWalter Hagen (2)United States301
1923Royal Troon Golf ClubArthur HaversEngland295
1922Royal St George’s Golf ClubWalter HagenUnited States300
1921St AndrewsJock HutchisonUnited States296PO
1920Royal Cinque Ports Golf ClubGeorge DuncanScotland303 
1915–1919: No Championships because of World War I
1914Prestwick Golf ClubHarry Vardon (6)Jersey306
1913Royal Liverpool Golf ClubJohn Henry Taylor (5)England304
1912MuirfieldTed RayJersey295
1911Royal St George’s Golf ClubHarry Vardon (5)Jersey303PO
1910St AndrewsJames Braid (5)Scotland299
1909Royal Cinque Ports Golf ClubJohn Henry Taylor (4)England291
1908Prestwick Golf ClubJames Braid (4)Scotland291
1907Royal Liverpool Golf ClubArnaud MassyFrance312
1906MuirfieldJames Braid (3)Scotland300
1905St AndrewsJames Braid (2)Scotland318
1904Royal St George’s Golf ClubJack WhiteScotland296
1903Prestwick Golf ClubHarry Vardon (4)Jersey300
1902Royal Liverpool Golf ClubSandy HerdScotland307
1901MuirfieldJames BraidScotland309
1900St. AndrewsJohn Henry Taylor (3)England309
1899Royal St George’s Golf ClubHarry Vardon (3)Jersey310
1898Prestwick Golf ClubHarry Vardon (2)Jersey307
1897Royal Liverpool Golf ClubHarold Hilton (a) (2)England314
1896MuirfieldHarry VardonJersey316 PO
1895St AndrewsJohn Henry Taylor (2)England332
1894Royal St George’s Golf ClubJohn Henry TaylorEngland326
1893Prestwick Golf ClubWilliam AuchterlonieScotland322
1892MuirfieldHarold Hilton (a)England305
1891St AndrewsHugh KirkaldyScotland166
1890Prestwick Golf ClubJohn Ball (a)England164
1889Musselburgh LinksWillie Park Jnr (2)Scotland155PO
1888St AndrewsJack BurnsScotland171
1887Prestwick Golf ClubWillie Park JnrScotland161
1886Musselburgh LinksDavid BrownScotland157
1885St AndrewsBob Martin (2)Scotland171
1884Prestwick Golf ClubJack SimpsonScotland160
1883Musselburgh LinksWillie FernieScotland159PO
1882St AndrewsBob Ferguson (3)Scotland171
1881Prestwick Golf ClubBob Ferguson (2)Scotland170
1880Musselburgh LinksBob FergusonScotland162
1879St AndrewsJamie Anderson (3)Scotland169
1878Prestwick Golf ClubJamie Anderson (2)Scotland157
1877Musselburgh LinksJamie AndersonScotland160
1876St AndrewsBob MartinScotland176
1875Prestwick Golf ClubWillie Park Snr (4)Scotland166
1874Musselburgh LinksMungo ParkScotland159
1873St AndrewsTom KiddScotland179
1872Prestwick Golf ClubTom Morris Jnr (4)Scotland166
1871 No Championship
1870Prestwick Golf ClubTom Morris Jnr (3)Scotland149
1869Prestwick Golf ClubTom Morris Jnr (2)Scotland154
1868Prestwick Golf ClubTom Morris JnrScotland157
1867Prestwick Golf ClubTom Morris Snr (4)Scotland170
1866Prestwick Golf ClubWillie Park Snr (3)Scotland169
1865Prestwick Golf ClubAndrew StrathScotland162
1864Prestwick Golf ClubTom Morris Snr (3)Scotland167
1863Prestwick Golf ClubWillie Park Snr (2)Scotland168
1862Prestwick Golf ClubTom Morris Snr (2)Scotland163
1861Prestwick Golf ClubTom Morris SnrScotland163
1860Prestwick Golf ClubWillie Park SnrScotland174

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7 thoughts on “British Open Championship Winners”

  1. In 1953 Ben Hogan took home $5,000 for winning the US Open.  At the time, a British Pound was worth $2.80 so by comparison, Ben only received $1,400 for winning the Open.  In 1971, Lee Trevino won $30,000 as the US Open champion.  That same year Lee’s win at the Open paid the equivalent of $13,200 (a pound was the approx. equivalent of $2.40 that year).  Graeme McDowell took home $1,350,000 for his win this year.  At $1.52 per pound, the Open winner will receive the equivalent of $1,140,000.

  2. Just shows how much things having changed money wise when it comes to golf. The British open is probably the most sort after major given that is played at the home of golf.

    Very difficult to pick a winner this year as there are so many chances. I’ll come up with my top four in the next 2 days.

  3. The thing that sticks out in my mind right now with this article and golf is how will the Americans do in this Open Championship. I feel a little competitive about it. The top players in the world right now are Europeans. They have played the best and deserve it. The course they are playing at will require a great deal of mental toughness. I am looking forward to see how it plays out. It will be a true test for all participants and I am glad of that.

  4. In the past of The Open Championship, various grants have already been given away for several successes. A few of these include the Challenge Belt, The Gold Medal, The Silver Medal, and also the Bronze Medal. At this time probably the most precious medal is the Claret Jug. Additionally referred to as Golf Champion Trophy, it changed the Challenge Belt and may be awarded towards the champion every year since 1873.


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