BroBasket Review

BroBasket Review

The BroBasket
Grade: C+
Teacher’s Comments: A nice idea for people with more money than time.

The basic idea behind all gift baskets is the same. A company puts together some themed items in a container of some sort, saving the gift-giver the time required to do the job themselves. They are always a trade-off between time and money. I rather like gift baskets, and will often send baskets from one of several Michigan-based companies laden with locally made products.

BroBasket offers a gift basket service with selections that presumably will appeal to men (and to the more seriously minded woman). Starting with the choice of an alcoholic beverage (various beers, spirits and wines), the baskets add things like glassware, whisky stones, snacks, golf balls, cigars, and even limes for the Moscow Mule pack.

Depending upon the basket contents, prices run from $50 to $200 plus shipping.

The BroBasket I received for review contained a bottle of wine, a pack of whisky stones, a divot tool, a sleeve of balls, two marker-and-tee-match-style packs and a towel. It was honestly a bit underwhelming one I unpacked it; under the shrink, it looked like there was a lot more within. Lots of what was in box was paper Easter Basket grass.

I can’t find that particular combination on their website so I don’t know how it would compare to collecting the stuff yourself. I do know that it is not legal for private individuals to send alcoholic beverages through the mail, so sending something like that needs to be left to companies with the proper paperwork, such as BroBasket.

One small annoyance was that everything in the Brobasket was stuck together with tiny bits of hot glue. I suppose that it’s necessary for everything to arrive looking nice, but it was annoying to take apart, and I tore the wine label trying to remove it.

All that said, I think it would be nice to receive one of these as a gift — especially one of the packages with whisky, or bourbon, cigars and glassware. Every guy I know would like to get one of these. But as a gift-giver, I think you need to carefully consider the money versus time equation.

The BroBasket Review was based on a package sent by BroBasket for evaluation in July 2017.

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