Brooklyn Urban Goff

For dedicated city dwellers, here’s a set of rules that allow you to enjoy the game of golf while never having to leave your concrete jungle: Brooklyn Urban Goff.

An excerpt:

Before the game is scheduled to begin, the course master, henceforth to be known as the Goff Rebbe, shall determine the course. The course consists of 12 dinguses (because 18 is stupid and takes too long). Each dingus (corrresponding to a “hole” in golf) consists of one whatsis (starting position) and one dingus (target). No whatsis and its corresponding dingus shall be more than 200 meters or 3 blocks apart, whichever is smaller. The next whatsis should be no more than 25 meters (or one half block) from the previous dingus. Each whatsis and dingus should be a substantial fixed landmark feature, such as a lamp post, parking meter, or fire hydrant.

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