Brush-Ts Revisited: A Review

I’ve used the Brush-T for about 20 rounds now, and I have to say I like them. While they won’t fix a slice or a power outage, I think they do help in two areas:

First, I think they encourage me to use a sweeping motion with the club. When swinging, I have an image in my mind of “brushing” the ball off the top of the bristles.

Second, the ball is teed at at consistent height. I think this also promores better drives, since the ball is hitting the face on the same spot each time.

The result: I believe that my tee shots are more consistent, particularly with my three wood, which I hit long and straight. My driver still hits a high fade, but its a very consistent high fade.

There’s a lot to be said for consistency.

Overall: Recommended.

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