Build Your Own Putting Green

I was surfing Amazon and found a book that intrigued me: How to Build a Putting Green. I keep thinking I’d like to have one in my backyard.

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3 thoughts on “Build Your Own Putting Green”

  1. Go to our website, and go into the Prepackaged Greens section, click on Designer Links. In one product, you can buy everything you need to build a Backyard Green. It comes with it’s own ‘Build Your Own Putting Green’ manual, and you can be golfing within a day or two, depending on how quickly you want to work. And you can look at the pictures on our website for landscaping ideas to make this your own oasis! And best part is, if you move, you can take it with you!


  2. Of course Backyard Green are at the Tour Links website. Any size, any where. (into the Prepackaged Greens section, click on Designer Links) from my last post.


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