Bunker Mates Female Golf Caddies

Bunker Mates Female Golf Caddies

A new caddy business has popped up out west.  Bunker Mates provides beautiful female golf caddies for golfers in Southern California and Nevada.  Female golf caddies are nothing new and have been around for years now.  Most of the time you will find female golf caddies in Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, and all over Florida.

Bunker Mates main markets are Los Angeles, San Diego, Palms Springs, and Las Vegas.  They are known for providing female golf caddies for special events.  This would include golf tournaments, bachelor party golf, birthday rounds, and just about any occasion you might have.

“Guys usually hire our caddies for special days on the golf course.  Most of the time it’s either a birthday celebration or someone’s getting married,” explains Kelsey a current Bunker Mate.

You can see pictures of Kelsey and other Bunker Mates on the company’s official Instagram page. This may give you a better idea about the caddies and services they provide.

What They Do

These female golf caddies aren’t like regular caddies.  They don’t carry your bags or give you exact yardage.  They will ride in your golf cart, dress cute, and provide basic caddy services.  Cleaning your clubs, fixing your divot, and tending the flag are some of the duties they perform.  They are generally there for enthusiasm, support, and great company.

If you happen to get a birdie or an eagle they often get super excited.  Some of the caddies have special celebrations they perform when this happens. This varies from caddy to caddy but think cartwheels and handstands.

Golf Tournaments

If you are running a golf tournament, Bunker Mates can help staff and provide a fun element to the tournament.  They can help with registration, closes to the pin contest, longest drive contest, and raffles. Bunker Mates have a good success rate in getting people to buy more raffle tickets while on the course.  They will ride around and hit up the golfers to increase their raffle donations. Who can say no to a beautiful model?

They will also stop, chat, and even take pictures with the golfers. This makes for a great experience for everyone involved in the golf tournament.

If you are looking to make a round of golf special this is the way to go.  Your friends will enjoy the company of a beautiful girl and the excitement they bring to a round of golf. Not to mention the caddies will turn the heads of others on the course that day. Expect thumbs up and smiles from the other golfers on the course that day.



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