Bunker Mulligan: 1953-2005

The Golf Blogging World has lost one of its own: Bunker Mulligan—whose real name was Michael James Reed—passed away on June 3.

I enjoyed reading his blog and he was kind enough to be one of my early supporters.

I know there’s golf in heaven, and I’m sure he’s playing 18 there now.

2 thoughts on “Bunker Mulligan: 1953-2005”

  1. I was Bunker’s last employer and his last project has been carried forth almost to completion.  There is an awards ceremony planned and I am to receive an award posthumously for him, which I would like to forward to the family.  I’ve run out of leads to contact them though.  I think several of his sons golf and maybe even golf-blog.  I think they go by “Slice” and “Bogey”.  Any help finding them would be appreciated.


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