Bunkered – Golf Poetry


I've been slicing and sclaffing and foozling", 
And I'm up to the burn in eighteen, 
With my hopes growing steadily dimmer 

Of reaching the far away green. 

When I think of the strokes I've recorded. 

From oaths I can hardly refrain. 
More than once I've been bunkered already, 
And I'll shortly be bunkered again. 

Bunkered again ! Bunkered again ! 
I'm sure to be bunkered again ! 

The foursome behind me are swearing, 
And repeatedly shouting out "Fore !"
They are dropping approach shots behind me. 

And preparing to level some more. 

And though I am hitting my hardest, 

And pressing with might and with main. 
Here I am at the edge of the bunker, 

And I'm bound to be bunkered again. 

In it again ! In it again ! 
I'm bound to be in it again ! 

I have topped it each time with the iron ; 

I can't use the mashie at all; 
Cleeks and brasseys are out of the question 

When you've got to get under the ball. 

I'll try a full swing with the niblick — 

I'm told it will stand any strain ; 
So it does — no, confound it, it doesn't! 
Plump into the bunker again. 

In it again ! In it again ! 
Plump into the bunker again ! 

Anonymous, from Lyrics of the Links, 1921

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