Byron Nelson 1912 - 2006

“Lord” Byron Nelson died peacefully on Tuesday at his home in Roanoke, Texas.

Nelson was a PGA Tour legend, having won 11 straight tournaments in 1945. He won 31 of 54 tournaments over the 1944 – 1945 seasons and retired after the following season at the age of 36. He had achieved his goal of buying a ranch with his golf earnings.

“When I was playing regularly, I had a goal,” Nelson once said. “I could see the prize money going into the ranch, buying a tractor, or a cow. It gave me incentive.”

Nelson won the Masters in 1937 and ‘42, the U.S. Open in 1939 and the PGA Championship in 1940 and ‘45.

He was also, until this last year, the only living player to have a tournament namesake.



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