Callaway Speed Regime 2 Golf Balls

speed regime 2

Callaway Speed Regime 2 Golf Balls, White

Following a recent trend of matching golf balls to swing speeds, Callaway Speed Regime 2 golf balls are designed for players with swing speeds of 90 – 105 mph. That fits in what Callaway calls the “athletic” range.

Just a few short years ago, having three layers was the line that set a “tour” ball apart form ones we amateurs play. The Callaway Speed Regime 2 golf ball has FIVE layers. The result, Callaway says, is a ball that plays better around the green, has a long, penetrating flight and offers increased speed and distance.

On the outside, the Callaway Speed Regime 2 has 332 hexagon dimples. I’ve enjoyed playing Callaway’s dimpled balls in the past — especially the late, lamented original HX Hot. That was my favorite ball for several years. The reformulation never quite did it for me.

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