Callaway Apex Irons Initial Impressions


Callaway was kind enough to send a set of Apex irons for testing, and after several rounds I thought I’d give my first impressions:

  • The feel is incredible. My go-to set is the TaylorMade R7 XD which has a cast body with titanium face. There is absolutely no contest that I’d rather play the Apex. When struck solidly, I don’t even feel the impact of the ball. That’s how I know it is a good shot. When I miss, I can feel that, too.

  • They are very, very accurate. I’ve never hit the ball straighter in my life.

  • They are easy to hit and get the ball in the air. I was worried that with an iron geared toward better players, I might have trouble as a 14 handicapper. No worries.

  • I get much more spin on these clubs. Whereas my strategy with the XDs is to hit it a little short and let the ball roll up toward the hole, that doesn’t work for me with the Callaway Apex. These instead tend to hit the green and stop. No problem. New strategy needed.

  • On the potential down side, they seem to be a club length shorter than the XDs. In comparing the lofts, however, the Callaway Apex has a degree more loft on each club than the XDs. That could also explain why they seem to fly higher for me.

    I’ll have a longer review in a few weeks when I get more rounds in.

    Thanks to Callaway for the opportunity.

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