Callaway Big Bertha 2006 Irons

Callaway Big Bertha 06 Irons

In its Big Bertha 06 Irons, Callawayhas packed just about everything you can think of:

  • Callaway’s S2H2 (Short, Straight, Hollow Hosel) design, which takes cuts weight in the hosel and allocates it to mroe useful areas. The hosel also has Callaway’s trademark bore through design.
  • Notched weighting, which lets Callaway move weight to the perimeter of the club.
  • Variable Face Thickness (VFT) technology, which Callaway says lets it raise and lower the center of gravity depending upon the club.
  • A 360 degree undercut channel design which lets Callaway move even more weight to the perimeter, and thins the face to create a larger sweet spot.
  • A constant width sole design which helps to eliminate fat shots and drive the club through different turf conditions.

Is that enough? It sounds like these things do everything except swing themselves.

I also think that it’s a pretty sharp looking club. This is a set that I’d really like to try.


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1 thought on “Callaway Big Bertha 2006 Irons”

  1. I’m not a great golfer by any means, but i was looking for some clubs to help me with my game and play from the fairways and greens. I usually shoot around 100-110, i bought the BB 06’s and now hitting 80-85 and I’ve only had them 8 months…
    great set of clubs if you want to improve and enjoy playing.


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