Callaway Big Bertha Irons Review

2004 Big Bertha w/ Steel – 4-10,W Iron Set

The Callaway Rep came around to the club last week, and I spent about an hour an a half hitting every club he had. I’m sure he was tired of me by the end.

The Big Bertha irons turned out to be the easiest clubs I’ve ever hit. Every shot got up in the air, and flew almost perfectly straight. Even the ones that I knew I hit off the toe flew straight (though not as long). I tried to hit my usual fade: the ball flew straight. I hit it fat, and the ball flew up and straight. I hit it thin and …. well, you get the idea.

Callaway has built a number of player friendly systems into their clubs, including a notch weighting system that repositions weight toward the heel and toe. This gives the club a very high moment of intertia (resistance to twisting) that keeps the ball online. Weight toward the bottom and a wide sole help to reduce the fat and thin shots.

As for distance, they seemed to give me about my usual distance: 155 or so for a six iron. (Though its a little hard to tell: my club’s driving range goes uphill from the tees, so everything tends to be short.)

The feel also was good—although not nearly as buttery as my forged irons on graphite shafts.  The clubs I tried all had the standard steel shafts.

Clearly, if you’re a single digit handicapper, these clubs aren’t for you. But for the rest of us, they’re a good choice.

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  1. Don’t think they are only of hackers. Jim Thorpe plays the Callaway VFT irons, and 2 guys were in a playoff on the in the 1st tourney of the year playing with Callaway BB’s ( Can’t remember the names). Billy Mayfair came in 2nd playing Titleist 804’s ( Titleist’s answer to the BB’s). I think it all goes back to the question… “what is wrong with straight?“Shaping shots is overrated, how many times do you do it a round? How many times do you pull it off?


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