Callaway FT-i Tour Driver

It’s the Year of the Strangely Shaped Driver. Square, Triangular, Scoop Backed, … clubmakers are looking for new ways to create stability and forgiveness.

From Callaway comes the FT-i Tour, a square driver which Callaway says is designd to be the straightest driver ever. The composite body and square shape, Callaway says, allows allows them to move weight to the extreme corners, producing a high moment of inertia (resistance to twisting). The square shape apparently is mroe than a gimmick. The shape apparently is designed to allow Callaway to stabilize both the horizontal and vertical axes.

Callway says that “the FT-i Driver also incorporates Callaway Golf’s proprietary OptiFit® Weighting System, which produces three center of gravity configurations—Draw, Neutral or Fade—and enables golfers to choose the configuration that best suits their individual game. It also boasts Callaway Golf’s largest, most robust CT/VFT titanium cup face, which is designed to the legal limit to dramatically increase ball speed, distance, forgiveness and stability for longer, straighter drives.”

It’ll be interesting to see how these new designs play when they all finally arrive. I’m looking forward to trying them.

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  1. I think that the Ft-I driver is the ugliest driver i have ever seen. Golf clubs are not supposed to be square. that being said i think that is one of the best drivers out there. it really i the straightest driver i have ever hit. one of my friends has it and he loves it and i hit it and loved it to. it takes awhile to get used to it but it really is as good as it is advertised.


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