Callaway Fusion Irons

I did a demo with the Callaway Fusion Irons the other day at a local golf shop. And although I (obviously) didn’t play a round with them, I’ll give my first impressions.

When I first picked them up, the clubs felt light to me. I suppose that the graphite shafts and the composite parts of the head were responsible for that. However, with a couple of practice swings, the light feeling went away. They felt fine. Better than fine. I thought that I could “feel” the clubhead extremely well.

Unlike many previous offerings from Callaway, these clubs have a nice, precise look at setup. The topline is much thinner-looking than the bloated Big Bertha irons. I’ve never bought into the idea that a larger topline inspires confidence. They just look like bricks on sticks.

I was able to cleanly pick the ball off the astroturf from the very first swing. Ball flight was about what I wanted—not too high, with good distance (for me, about 155 with a 6 iron). The feel at impact also was very nice—every bit as nice as my graphite shafted forged irons.

Now, being very hard of hearing, I can’t accurately tell you what they sounded like, but the proshop guy asked me what I thought of the sound. So I have to assume that they either sound perfectly normal, or that there’s something weird going on that I couldn’t hear.

All in all, I think that these clubs bear looking into. If you’re gong to get a new set this year, you should take a look at these.

Find Callaway Fusion Irons at Global Golf

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