Callaway Golf FT-i Driver With I-MIX

Callaway Golf FT-i Drivers With I-MIX Technology

After TaylorMade pioneered the idea of changing the weighting of a golf clubs’ heads, it was only a matter of time before someone marketed clubs with interchangable shafts. Actually, though, it’s a tool that’s been available to clubmakers for years. Rather than have hundreds of club and shaft combinations pre-made for customers to try, clubmakers used threaded connectors that allowed them to quickly swap out pieces until the client found the desired mix.

Callaway’s entry into the interchangable shaft market is the I-MIX. With Callaway’s system, you can choose from 22 clubhead designs and 70 shafts for 1600 custom configurations. Wow.

It’s expensive, though. The head is $400, and the shafts run from $150 to $350 each.

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  1. Wondered how I go about adding an i-mix connector to a shaft I want in my i-mix head that is not in the Callaway selection of shafts.


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