Callaway HX Hot ‘07

The HX Hot is one of my two favorite balls (the other is the Bridgestone E6), and Callaway is updating it for the 2007 season.

The three-piece ball still has the same fast core and soft boundary layer, which offers great distance with decent spin and feel. It also retains Callaway’s trademark hexagonal tubular lattice network instead of dimples.

What’s new for 2007 is a redesigned hex that has 38 facets per hexagon. The original had thirteen. The increased number of facets is supposed to create a more penetrating flight.

You can read my original review of the ball here.

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4 thoughts on “Callaway HX Hot ‘07”

  1. Since I always chime in on these ball reviews… here I am again.  Love the HX Hot.  I usually play with the high temp balls: HX Hot, Nike Ignite, and now the Maxfli Fire.  (I also like the Bridgestone e5—boom, boom, boom, boom).  Lately I have been playing more with the Fire, because it is new (just like last year at this time it was the e5 and Ignite)—the Fire has the really cool Flame-line for lining up your putts—but I will probably will shift back to the HX Hot because I do think it is longer than all of them. 

    One thing I am wondering, is that everytime I am playing, I am playing with 2 guys playing Pro V-somethings, and one guy either playing a random Nike or Top Flite.  I am always the exception playing the Fire, the HX Hot, or the e5.  It does make it nice that there is never ball confusion, and I can switch at random pretty much through everything in my bag without checking what others are hitting—but how much market does Callaway, Bridgestone and Maxfli even have?  I do find other balls on the course, but I rarely ever meet with anyone ever playing them.  (I joined my club in late August, so I am usually playing with different folks each time as I haven’t found a regular crew yet)

  2. It’s an interesting question about ball sales. I’ll have to do some research.

    I suspect, however, that people who frequent clubs gravitate toward the Pro V. Not that I think it’s a better ball (I don’t), but everyone thinks it’s what “better” players use.

  3. I play at several clubs near me and work at a high end public course- Mooseridge. Of course, I look for balls to just walk the hills to stay in golf shape. I find ProVs far more than any other ball. I don’t like to play them however. They are great for me around the green and to putt. At 64 with a driver swing speed between 95 and 105 I lose noticeable distance with them.

    Believe me I have had the opportunity to play many different balls. For my swing speed, trajectory and sidespin I have found the ones best for me. I think I am typical of most golfers in that premium balls are a waste of money. I have tried every one of them too. THe top of the line two piece or more likely the mid range three piece are best for me.

    In cold weather I play the Volvik Crystal or its cousin the Crystal Pro. In warmer weather depending on my mood I play the HX Hot. Particularly if I want to have a chance to out drive the young guys. If I have difficult greens to putt and hold probably the Bridgestone E6 will be my choice.

    And before you scoff I can still uncork a drive both to the fairway and 100 yards into the woods. With the Hot this year one drive over 300 and last year hit the Volvik 340 some downhill roll and the E6 and Hot around 315.  Better drives average around 250-270 depending on fairway softness, hardness etc. My crap drives result from club turn in my hand and could be around 220 and anywhere.

    Hope this gives enough info for helpfulness.


  4. Lee—- this has nothing really to do with the post, but I’ve played Moose Ridge several times and really enjoyed it (GolfBlogger World Headquarters is in Ann Arbor)


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