Callaway HX Hot Golf Ball

Callaway’s new HX Hot is out.

Callaway says that the ball

boasts significant improvements over traditional 2-piece distance offerings. The new, highly resilient core—essentially the ball’s engine—is super-fast, and kick starts a chain reaction that produces explosiveness off the clubface. The revolutionary HEX Aerodynamics on the cover also are improved, with the hexagons and pentagons optimized to reduce drag, increase lift and maximize distance.

The cover of the HX Hot Golf Ball also has been improved to reduce spin off the driver for a penetrating trajectory. Like other balls in the HX family, the HX Hot has 332 geometries on the cover, blanketing the surface of the ball with 100% coverage—unheard of in competitors’ golf balls and critical to the superior flight properties and overall performance of the HX Hot Golf Ball. Achieving 100% surface coverage allows Callaway Golf engineers to tune lift and drag properties of the ball in order to reduce distance-robbing initial drag and increase length-promoting lift during flight.

There’s also a HX Hot contest for a gussied up Ford Mustang in the HX Hot black and orange colors.

I tried out the HX Red late last fall and liked it. So maybe I’ll give the “Hot” a try this year.

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