Callaway HX Tour 56 Ball

The HX Tour 56 is Callaway’s Premium tour ball. As with all balls of this type, it’s got a three piece construction, with a solid core, a boundary layer designed to increase driver distance,  and a thin, soft cover for feel and spin.

Two features set this ball apart. The first is Callaway’s concentric core technology, which is supposed to produce a precisely centered core. This shoudl make the ball fly more consistently.

More evident is Callaway’s use of hexes rather than dimples to produce the lift needed to keep the ball in flight. While Callaway has been using hexes for a couple of years now, the new design has six “sub hexes”, deeper depressions designed to further reduce drag and create lift.

I think that the hex technology works. The HX Hot is by far the longest ball that I play with on a regular basis.


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