Cameron Futura Phantom Putter

Golfsmith had these Scotty Cameron on the rack the other day and I had the chance to try it out on their indoor green. Of the two, I liked the straight-in model best. It had a nice feel, and I was able to line it up well.

But I found it funny that Scotty Cameron’s “new” putter actually is a clone of a putter that Golfsmith has had in their Snake Eyes line for more than a year now: Strike Line

So for those of you who pooh-pooh Snake Eyes clubs as second rate when compared to the big names, what does it say when a big name steals from Snake Eyes?

I’ve been playing the Strike Line since last summer, and think its one of the best putters I’ve every played. You can find a review here.

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1 thought on “Cameron Futura Phantom Putter”

  1. I think it’s irresponsible to suggest that Scotty Cameron – one of the (if not the most) premier putter craftsmen of our time – stole from Snake Eyes. Scotty’s had mallet putters for awhile now, including the very similar Red X model.

    I played a Ray Cook M1-X a decade ago. Heck, the Futura Phantom Mallet looks more like the old Zebra putter than the Snake Eyes.

    Snake Eyes may make a good putter, but all too often the lesser brands skimp on materials. When you’re talking about something that demands as much feel as a putter, do you really want a cheap insert, a flimsy grip, or a bad glue job?

    Likelihood Cameron stole the Futura Phantom Mallet idea from Snake Eyes? Between less than slim and none. tongue laugh


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