Campari, Gin and Orange—Authentic Bahamian Drink


Vacationers at the Sandals Emerald Bay Resort in the Bahamas are plied with a wide variety of tropical drinks. The Mai Tai, Bahama Mama, Hurricane and Bob Marley are just a few of the colorful and inventive concoctions.

I, however, was convinced that there was no way a REAL Bahamian imbibed in those. So I asked one of our hosts, Chester, what the cocktails the locals drank. Chester said that in the Bahamas, the “old men drink a Campari, Gin and Orange.” A variant, favored by Chester, is shown above: a Campari, Gin and Grapefruit Juice.

As near as I can tell, the mix is two parts Campari to one part gin. Then fill with the juice.


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