Campbell Forgets To Sign In; Disqualified

Add this to the bizarre rules stories from this summer:

After practicing all week, playing in the pro-am and in Friday’s first round, it was discovered that Chad Campbell had not signed in for the tournament on Tuesday. He was promptly disqualified.

Here’s a post incident interview:

Q. Unfortunate, I know. Just what’s going through your head right now?
CHAD CAMPBELL: You know, just can’t believe you make a mistake like that. Obviously disappointed that I’m not getting to play today, but that’s the rules. That’s the way it goes.

Q. 83rd on the FedExCup points list. I know that makes it even tougher for you.
CHAD CAMPBELL: You know, it would have been nice to go out there and play good today and finish up the week pretty good and hopefully get into next week. But that’s the way it goes.

Q. Was there any reason that you didn’t do it? Did you get here late or was there anything—
CHAD CAMPBELL: No, not really, just kind of slipped my mind.

Q. When did you arrive this week?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Tuesday, Tuesday night.

Q. Anything remotely ever happen like this?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, a little bit worse. I went to Hawaii one time and didn’t commit. It’s starting to be a trend.

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1 thought on “Campbell Forgets To Sign In; Disqualified”

  1. Dumber than Furyk’s DQ.  So he didn’t sign in, but did play the Pro-Am and Friday.  I would say that is a pretty good sign he was there and on time.


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