Can the PGA Tour Learn From NASCAR?

In a column in the Salt Lake Tribune, Kirk Kragthorpe writes that the PGA Tour could learn a lot from NASCAR. He writes that with NASCAR,

Viewers can tune in every weekend, resuming a continuing story of the season. Fans can buy a ticket to next year’s UAW-Daimler Chrysler 400, knowing that Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the rest will all be back at LVMS.
  That’s just not true with golf. The occasional convergence of stars is what makes major tournaments the majors, but the side effect is that too many weekly tournaments lose appeal because the top players are missing. Thanks to a combination of wanting to pursue points and please their sponsors, the walking billboards of NASCAR hit the road every week.

The NASCAR season is just as long as the PGA’s, but NASCAR’s top guns appear in nearly every race. Kragthorpe says that’s due to the weekly rewards of the points system and the demands of sponsors.

It’s food for thought. Could the PGA demand a minimum number of events to avoid a trip to Q School?

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