Card Golf Review


Card Golf
Grade: A+
Teacher’s Comments: This is a great little game.

Card Golf is a fun and inexpensive card game that lets you and your friends play a quick round of golf at any time and in any weather.

To play the game, you need an actual course scorecard and the Card Golf deck. Two can play with a single eck; two decks are needed for three or more—but not to worry; the decks are cheap at just $8.95.

The decks consist of 51 cards which are marked with yardages ranging from three to 250 yards. Each card is attractively illustrated with the image of a classic club appropriate to the yardage for the irons, and a golfer in classic attire for the woods.

To play each player is dealt a hand of 14 cards. For each hole, the goal is to play a set of cards with a total that is as close to the yardage on the hole as possible.

Each card that played counts as one stroke. If the yardage on the combination of cards exceeds the total for the hole, the player is assessed penalty strokes. The more greater the difference, the greater the penalty.

After each player has played a set, cards are drawn to take to the total back up to 14.

Card Golf is a great little game that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. It’s been fun both as a family game and solitaire. It generally plays quickly, and usually results in a reasonable golf score.

If there is one flaw to the game, it is that it takes some facility with numbers.To choose the optimal set of cards from a hand can be time consuming if you can’t quickly do sums in your head. That means that playing with kids might require a handy calculator.

But that aside, I highly recommend this little game. It would make a great stocking stuffer, and isn’t a bad thing to keep in your bag for rained out rounds, or an after the round relaxer.

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