Casey Martin May Be Done

Casey Martin, the physically challenged golfer who sued the PGA Tour for the right to use a golf cart may have reached the end of his professional playing career.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that after he

failed to advance out of the first stage of PGA Tour qualifying at San Juan Oaks on Friday, Martin told “I’ve pretty much made it clear that this would be my last Q-School. I’m not saying I’ll never compete again. But I don’t anticipate it being my main thing.’‘

Martin, who has a degree in economics from Stanford, is looking into business offers.

I’ve always been conflicted about Martin’s lawsuit. As a handicapped person (I’m quite deaf, and have been so since birth), I understand the desire to have people make accomodations. But I also think that a man has got to know his limitations. I would never dream of trying to become a telephone salesperson, for example.  There are some things that the good Lord apparently just didn’t intend for me to do.

And that means that my mission in life is to do the best I can at the things he DID intend for me to do.

I think that Casey Martin has yet to find what he was supposed to do. I hope he finds it. His determination is an inspiration.

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