Casey Martin Not Out of Golf

imageCasey Martin who gained lasting—if unwanted fame—as the player who challenged the PGA Tour’s walking policy is off the Tours, but not out of the game. He’s now serving as the golf coach at Oregon.

Now in his second season as the University of Oregon men’s golf coach—galaxies removed from that famed Supreme Court ruling in 2001 that allowed him to use a golf cart on the PGA Tour—there’s a part of Martin that shrugs off an extra media request or photo shoot after all these years.

“That’s not what life was all about,” said Martin, 35.

“Now I’m investing in kids’ lives and improving golf. Faith in God plays a big role. That’s what it’s all about.”

The Ducks coach still drives a golf cart just about every day, only now without the light bulbs flashing every time he rests his left arm on the steering wheel.

His playing career behind him, Martin refuses to rest—even though he’s had plenty of excuses to do it.

Martin is an admirable figure, who has overcome a lot and has a lot yet to contribute.




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