If Golf Were Scored Like Olympic Figure Skating

If golf were scored like Olympic Figure Skating … Jim Nantz: So it’s come down … Read more.

You Don’t Hit The Golf Ball As Far As You Think You Do

Golf Digest recently analyzed data from Game Golf and the evidence suggests that you don’t hit the ball … Read more.

A Bad Experience With Foot Golf

My first experience sharing a course with Foot Golfers last summer was not good. The millennial … Read more.

How Much Can A Public Golf Course Charge and Still Be A Public Course?

The recent release of  Matt Ginella’s “Top 50 Public Courses” list on the Golf Channel … Read more.

Golf Digest Embarasses Itself Again

When you are dead, you won’t know it. It is everyone else who suffers. The … Read more.

Golf.Com’s Embarassing Obsession With Boobs

Someone—or several someones—at Golf.Com need to be fired for dragging the once respectable publication into … Read more.

To Renew Or Not To Renew (My USGA Membership) That Is The Question

Over the past couple of months, I’ve received quite a few emails and letters from … Read more.

The Horror From Another Place And Time

When I was a kid, one of the things my friends and I liked to … Read more.

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