Steroids on the Tour—Not

With the Olympics coming up, steroids have been in the news. Bicycling, track and field, … Read more.

Daly Having A Big Year

John Daly is having a big year. He won one tournament, and has had five … Read more.

More Illegal Equipment Accusations

The illegal equipment controversy rears its ugly head again. This time, it’s Gary Player who’s … Read more.

Links Courses Expose World Rankings

In this article in the British newspaper, The Telegraph, Mark Reason wonders why so many … Read more.

Statistical Analysis of the Grand Slam

There won’t be a Grand Slam in golf this year. And from the looks of … Read more.


I did a bad thing last week. I was on vacation and was playing on … Read more.

Curse of the Dead Horse

My golf game is cursed. The most recent manifestation occurred this last week, when I … Read more.

Poulter Channels Austin Powers

Ok. So he didn’t win. But Ian Poulter’s Austin Powers pants make for the best … Read more.

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