Golf Quote of The Year

“It’s not a pleasant thing to shoot 79, but I deserved every stroke.” – Tom … Read more.

Ohio Will Try Tournament Ball

I’ve speculated that The Masters would be the first tournament to go to a standardized … Read more.

George Archer’s Secret

This isn’t anything like Ben Hogan’s “secret.” In fact, George Archer’s secret doesn’t have anything … Read more.

World Golf League Million Dollar Shootout Reality Show

I thought that reality tv was last year’s news. And I was hoping that—given how … Read more.

No Masters Invitation

The Masters Invitations are out. I wasn’t invited. Again. I expect it will be the … Read more.

Michigan Woman Dies After Golf Cart Accident

Here’s a really sad story. An 81 year old woman died of injuries after being … Read more.

Clinton On Golf

I recently ran across this November 2000 Golf Digest interview with Bill Clinton. In it, … Read more.

Obsessed With Equipment

And I thought I was obsessed with golf equipment. The St. Petersburg Times has a … Read more.

Prison Golf

Angola, Louisiana boasts the nation’s only golf course inside the grounds of a prison. Designed … Read more.

What’s In Store For Wie?

Michelle Wie is leading the US Women’s Open Tonight, lading to all sorts of speculation … Read more.

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