Centour Golf Club Trainer

There seems to be no end to the inventiveness of golf training devices. The Centour … Read more.

Almost Golf Balls

The good folk at Almost Golf sent me a box of their practice balls the … Read more.

Practice T

My pro friend uses a couple of yardsticks as his primary training tools. With them, … Read more.

Golf Metronome

One of the latest theories in golf is that tempo is what distinguishes the pros … Read more.


The Powerball is a handheld gyroscope designed to build wrist, arm and shoulder strength in … Read more.

Birdie Ball

I bought a Birdie Ball the other day at a local golf shop for $1.95. … Read more.

Impact Whiz Prevents Scooping

The Impact Whiz swing trainer has a bar across the back of the club that … Read more.


I tried the DivotMat at a local golf show a few weeks back. It’s essentially … Read more.

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