Bacon Infused Bourbon and A Bacon Bourbon Old Fashioned

Bourbon. Bacon. How can you go wrong with this? I was watching a Food Channel … Read more.

Makers Mark Waters Down Bourbon To Keep Up With Demand

The New York Post reports that Makers Mark is watering down its bourbon to keep … Read more.

Cider Is The New Beer

I love cider and am glad that this very traditional drink is making a comeback. … Read more.

Bacon Apple Pie

This makes my mouth water. Recipe here

Moonshine Marshmallow Recipe

Moonshine Marshmallows. Really.

Cooking With Bourbon

Golfers love the finer things in life—like good bourbon. Here’s a pretty nice list of … Read more.

What’s The Best Margarita Recipe?

I’m having trouble home brewing a margarita recipe. Here’s the one I’m using: 2 oz … Read more.

Michelob Ultra Golfer’s Pack

Spotted at Ken’s Market in Indian River, Michigan.

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