What Are “Out” and “In” On A Golf Scorecard

  What are “Out” and “In” On A Golf Scorecard? The terms “Out” and “In” … Read more.

What Does Slope Rating Mean On A Golf Course?

What does slope rating mean on a golf course? Slope is a course’s difficulty relative … Read more.

What Is Match Play In Golf?

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What Does Golf Stand For? Why Is It Called Golf?

What Does Golf Stand For? The funny answer to that question is that it’s an … Read more.

Golf Does Not Need To Be Expensive

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Courses Should Issue A Warning About Aerated Greens

Fall golf in Michigan is accompanied by aerated greens. The goal of aeration is to … Read more.

Golf Games: Four Ball, Foursomes and Match Play

Here’s a primer on Ryder Cup Formats: The Ryder Cup consists of Four Ball, Foursomes … Read more.

How Do You Calculate Your Golf Handicap?

How do you calculate your golf handicap? A golf handicap is calculated from a golfer’s ten … Read more.

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