Golf Games: Four Ball, Foursomes and Match Play

Here’s a primer on Ryder Cup Formats: The Ryder Cup consists of Four Ball, Foursomes … Read more.

How Do You Calculate Your Golf Handicap?

How do you calculate your golf handicap? A golf handicap is calculated from a golfer’s ten … Read more.

How Many Golf Clubs Can You Carry?

How many golf clubs can you carry? There originally was no limit to the number … Read more.

How Do You Fix A Slice In Golf?

How do you fix a slice in golf? I think that giving up the game … Read more.

What Degree Is A Pitching Wedge?

What degree is a pitching wedge? The loft of a modern pitching wedge is usually … Read more.

What Percentage of Golfers Shoot Under 100?

What percentage of golfers shoot under 100? According to the National Golf Foundation, the average … Read more.

How Long Does It Take To Play A Round of Golf?

How Long Does It Take To Play A Round Of Golf? “How long does it … Read more.

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