Tom Watson Flexes His Biceps

If I had not seen this image live on The Golf Channel, I would have … Read more.

Bloodstop Hemostatic Gauze

Bloodstop Hemostatic Gauze Grade: ? I hope I never have to use it. As an … Read more.

Testing A Teeter Hangup

I’m in the process of testing a Teeter Hangup inversion table. Full review to come. … Read more.

DIY Chapsticks For Your Windburned Cheeks

One Good Thing has a recipe for DIY chapsticks designed for treating your windburned cheeks. … Read more.

Phil Works For Arthritis Awareness

After his own battle with psoriatic arthritis, Phil Mickelson has teamed with the National Arthritis … Read more.

Tai Chi Meets Golf

Many years ago when I was working as a substitute teacher, one of my assignments … Read more.

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