Golf Joke: Trouble In The Bunker

Here’s an end of the week golf joke for you: A young man had recently … Read more.

Wendy’s Savages Tiger Woods

  Wendy’s twitter feed is often wickedly funny. She recently turned her pointed barbs on … Read more.

If Golf Were Scored Like Olympic Figure Skating

If golf were scored like Olympic Figure Skating … Jim Nantz: So it’s come down … Read more.

Winter is Coming

I spotted a couple of truckloads of snowmobiles on I-75 while returning from a weekend … Read more.

Addressing The Troops …

Bryson Goes “Tin Cup” Playing Only A 7 Iron

In an homage to Roy McAvoy in Tin Cup, Bryson DeChambeau accepted the challenge to … Read more.

Titleist Easter Egg

An egg of my own creation …

It’s National Beer Day

April 7 is National Beer Day. But be careful out there. To quote Dean Martin: … Read more.

Tiger Takes Up Competitive Body Building

In a surprise tweet this morning, Tiger Woods announced that he has given up his … Read more.

Famous Golf Blogger Named To USGA Board of Directors

Responding to criticism that it is “out of touch” and fails to represent the average … Read more.

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