The Great White North and Undiagnosed Golf Hysteria

Petosky is a beautiful city in the upper lower peninsula of Michigan, which was the … Read more.

Free Golf Lessons …

The Dubai Golf Club is offering free golf lessons from “top” teaching pros during the … Read more.

Trouble Getting Out of Deep Bunkers

Here’s an end of the week golf joke for you: A young man had recently … Read more.

Hockey Players On Canadian Tour?

I think the lack of hockey is starting to affect Canadians’ brains.


Trying to make an easy shot over a creek, Bob sends three straight balls into … Read more.

Priest In A Bunker Golf Joke

A Scottish minister is having the round of his life, when, on the 18th hole, … Read more.

The Funeral

On an early morning round of golf, I caught up with an older man who … Read more.



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