Golf Channel Expands LPGA Coverage

Good news for golf fans: The Golf Channel is expanding its LPGA Coverage. More golf … Read more.

G and G Women Golfs Lifestyle & Travel Magazine

I recently received some sample issues of G Magazine, a high-end golf publication. Very slick, … Read more.

It’s a Great Time To Be A Golf Fan

As I was watching the Phoenix Open this past week, I realized that there has … Read more.

Mediate, Waldorf and Gulbis To Appear On CSI

Rocco Mediate, Duffy Waldorf and Natalie Gulbis will appear as themselves on an upcoming episode … Read more.

The Donald Lands On The Golf Channel

Donald Trump will host six half-hour episodes of a celebrity golf show on the Golf … Read more.

Messin With Sasquatch On The Course

I like these messin’ with Sasquatch commercials.

New Golf Comedy In The Works

Funnyman Steve Carell is set to appear in a film version of Rick Reilly’s Missing … Read more.

Sporting News Today Has Great Sports Coverage

I was just enjoying the latest online edition of The Sporting News Today and thought … Read more.

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