The GolfBlogger On The Internet Advisor on WJR Detroit

I just got home from my appearance on the Internet Advisor on The Great Voice … Read more.

Is Sotomayor The First Hispanic Nominee?

It has nothing to do with golf, but as a political science/economics/history teacher, I just … Read more.

In The April 2009 Golf Periodicals

Just for fun, I’ve decided to sort of keep track of what the two major … Read more.

ESPN Inks Deal With Open Championship

ESPN has inked an eight-year, $200 million dollar deal to broadcast the Open Championship. Under … Read more.

Bond’s Favorite Golf Ball

As revealed in Goldfinger, James Bond’s favorite golf ball is the Penfold Heart. Now, in … Read more.

Are The Major Golf Magazines Becoming Cliched?

While paying for a box of balls at the local pro shop I noticed the … Read more.

Sergio Garcia James Bond Commercial

I just finished watching Casino Royale on dvd and thought about this ad.

Lost: Murder On A Golf Course

The TV series Lost just featured a “flash forward” in which the character Sayid is … Read more.

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