How Long Will Woods Play? Maybe Jack Knows.

Tiger Woods has made some comments recently about how much longer he will play the … Read more.

Els No Longer Intimidated By Woods

Peter Dixon writes that Ernie Els no longer feels intimidated by Tiger Woods and is … Read more.

Showdown At Bay Hill

Despite the absence of Phil Mickelson, this weekend’s tournament at Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill has … Read more.

Money Ball

Among baseball statistics junkies, it’s long been an article of faith that Bill James’ On … Read more.

Bay Hill Could Reshuffle Top Three

Golf Observer analyst Keith Lowe says that there are enough points available at the Bay … Read more.

Harrington Sets Sights On Masters

A couple of articles on Padraig Harrington in the wake of his victory last weekend … Read more.

PGA Top 5 Based On Earnings Per Start

I’m a sports number cruncher from way back (I used to be a statistician/bookkeeper for … Read more.

The Lost Art of Shotmaking

Bob Rosberg has a good column on the lost art of shotmaking in golf. As … Read more.

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