TRUE FS-01 Shoe Review

True FS-01 Shoes Grade: A+ Teachers’ Comments: My favorite shoes ever – golf or otherwise. Classic sneaker lines; very comfortable.

Stance Performance Tab Socks Review

Stance Performance Tab Socks Grade: B Teacher’s Comments: Fine for everyday wear, but I have problems with them sliding down my heel when playing.

TRUE Lux Polo Review

True Lux Polo Review Grade: A +Teacher’s Comments: Just right. Understated and functional. I want a closet full of these.

TRUE FS Slides Review

TRUE FS Slides Grade: A Teachers’ Comments: Great for hanging out. The lightweight foam construction gives your feet a break

Brewdog Bushwood Beer Review

Brewdog Bushwood Beer Grade: A to C Teacher’s Comments: My crack team of beer drinkers had mixed thoughts on the brew.

Safe Catch Tuna Review

Safe Catch Tuna Review Grade: A Teacher’s Comments: Tasty and good for you. Safe Catch says is products are 10x below the FDA mercury limit.

Srixon ZX 5 MK II Driver Review

Srixon ZX5 MK 2 Driver Grade: A Teacher’s Comments: My new gamer. It is long and accurate.

Great Lakes Golf Company Headcovers Review

Great Lakes Golf Company Headcovers Grade: A Teacher’s Comments: Sharp looking, good fitting and well made.

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