National Golf Academy Proves Rangefinders Speed Up Play

Laser Rangefinders can cut nearly thirty minutes off the length of a round, according to … Read more.

Groove Rule Changes In Effect; USGA Needs To Bifurcate The Rules

Anyone remember the groove rules change from 2010? The rule banned the “U” or “Square” … Read more.

President’s Cup Format

Like other international competitions, such as the Ryder and Solheim Cups, the playing format of … Read more.

Clark Says He’s Not Going To Roll Over and Bifurcation

I hate to say I told you so, but it is looking as though the … Read more.

PGA Tour Commentary On The Anchoring Ban

The PGA Tour has released a statement on the new anchoring ban: PGA TOUR acknowledges … Read more.

PGA President Disagrees With Anchoring Ban

The PGA of America’s Ted Bishop has released his statement on the anchoring ban: Over … Read more.

TaylorMade CEO Agrees With GolfBlogger: PGA Should Write Its Own Rules

I’ve been writing for several years that for 99% of golfers, the PGA of America … Read more.

PGA Of American Opposes Belly Putter Anchoring Ban

I find it interesting that the PGA of America opposes the anchoring ban. From the … Read more.

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