Champ Flix Pro Review

Champ Flix Pro Review

Champ Flix Pro Review

Champ Flix Pro Divot Tool

Grade: A

Teacher’s Comments; Quality construction, great feel

The Champ Flix Pro Divot Tool recently arrived in the mail for review. The Pro is the high end aluminum version of the Champ Flix divot tool that I previously reviewed. It has the same comfortable overly large jellybean shape and solid switchblade action.

I like switchblade style tools because the tines don’t stab me in the leg through the pocket. The switch on this is solid enough that seems to be little chance of it accidentally opening.

As with most repair tools, the Flix Pro has a magnetic insert for a ball marker. The slot is standard-sized, so you can swap in your lucky marker. I have a large pack of West Virginia University ball markers that I use on all my ball mark tools.



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