Champs Stinger Spikes Review

Champ Stinger Spikes

Champ Stinger Spikes

Champ Golf- Stinger Spikes (Disc Pack)

Grade: A

I don’t put much stock in the approbation “#1 XX in Golf,” or “#1 XX on Tour. And I am not impressed by the fact that such-and-such a pro won on a particular weekend with a particular piece of equipment. I have—alas—too little in common with the Tour pros and know that the equipment they play generally is not suited to my game.

One thing we do have in common—and on which I’ll compete with any pro in the business—is walking. I am a totally dedicated walker, and pride myself on having negotiated courses which management suggested were “unwalkable.” So anything that goes on my feet is of prime importance. And thus when Champs bills itself as the “Number One Spikes In Golf,” I’m willing to listen.

Three things I really like about the Champ spikes:

First, they provide ample grip. For me, this is more than stability during a swing. I also demand that my spikes keep me from slipping on even steep, damp slopes.

Second, they’re comfortable. If I’m going to be on my feet all day long, I don’t want to be conscious of the spikes under my soles.

And finally, they’re durable. A set of the Champ Stinger spikes last much longer than some other brands with spider-like legs, which seem to start snapping off midway through the first round.

These are winners.

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2 thoughts on “Champs Stinger Spikes Review”

  1. I have to say, this is probably one of the more underrated equipment discussions I’ve seen.  There’s not a ton of stuff about footwear let alone spikes.

    Well Done!


  2. I play golf to walk.  I’ve never run into an unwalkable golf course.  The way I see it, I can go places a bulldozer cannot.  But like the golfblogger, I do like spikes that give me climbing and especially descending traction.  Swing wise, I don’t see the difference between a good pair of walking shoes and golf spikes.  My big criteria is water proofing.  I hate having wet feet (in shoes).


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