Change The Tee Height To Cure A Slice Or Hook

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1 thought on “Change The Tee Height To Cure A Slice Or Hook”

  1. Comes a day too late for me.  I changed out my Callaway square FT-i driver for my older X-460 driver last Sunday.  I have been losing much distance with the FT-i, and so I carried both a week ago last Friday, and found some moderate success with the X-460 and that was after carrying the bag the day before.  A couple bunkers I was landing in I was now able to fly (some credit was due to the 65-degree day compared to the 40s we have been in).  Friday I did pretty well hitting the X-460 part time, and then on Sunday I played about 8 holes walking (about 12 drives).  Pretty much every one was golden, including one which nearly went through the fairway at 270 (I had been hitting the FT-i about 225).  Short day on Sunday due to lightning.

    So I dropped the FT-i on Saturday and went all with the X-460.  A little bit of fading started to creep back in (including one power fade which went probably about 250 yards, but about 150 yards off the center line, which it did start down).  Yesterday it all went awful.  It was back in the 50s and the distance on straight drives was probably more than the FT-i would have got me, but not a bunch.  The main difference was that I was right, right, right, left, center, right….  I was playing with the tee height a little, because I skyed it a couple times during the day.  Overall it was just a mess.

    So back to old reliable FT-i.  Even when carrying a couple days in a row, the FT-i takes so much error out I am probably 80% straight down center – just not very far.  I will have to work at it, because once spring is here for good I would rather be hitting the X-460 again or my Taylormade Burner.  I need to start getting my approaches to be consistently 150 yards or less on the par 4s.  Another thing I need to work on is my hatred of the range, I do hate it so.


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