Changes Coming To GolfBlogger.Com

In the very near future, GolfBlogger.Com will transition from its old, out-of-date blogging platform to new, more modern software. This is, for the most part, a behind-the-scenes change. If all goes well, few will notice any difference.


The two places in which it will make a difference are in member registrations and the (sadly underused) forums. There simply is no reasonable way to port the data there over to the new system. Further, I have not yet even decided what platform to use for forums going forward.

All that said … if you have written anything on the forums that you want to preserve for posterity, now is the time to copy paste it to your desktop. I hope to be create a backup of the original site for archival purposes, but am not sure that it can be done.

Current members will need to re-register at some time in the future. I’m just not sure when that will be. An announcement will be on the front page when that time comes.

Thanks for all your support.

John R
The Original GolfBlogger

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