Chiefs Face Wash Review

imageChief’s Face Wash
Grade: A
Teachers’ Comments: Works like a cuppa joe for your face.

I first ran across Chiefs Face Wash on—of all places—a site called Lovely Package. I am inexplicably interested in package design and have that site’s feed linked to my Google reader.

At any rate, the package photos interested me enough to make me visit Chiefs’ site, and from there I was sufficiently intrigued to order a tube.

I’ve been using the product for four months now, and love it. Chiefs Face Wash is a manly, invigorating clean designed to wake you up in the morning like a double shot of espresso. A dime sized spot gets my face tingling and clean. (A little goes a long ways. It’s worth noting that with daily use, I’ve been on the same tube for four months. )

In spite of its active nature, Chiefs is very kind to my skin. It doesn’t dry it out, and doesn’t leave an oily finish like some of those “moisturizing” face washes.

The key ingredients in Chiefs are ginseng, methol, peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary. The first three are the pick-me-ups, with the ginseng working on the circulation. Eucalyptus offers antiseptic properties. Rosemary is what gives the gel its “woody undertones.” Thats perfume speak for manly. It smells herby, not sweet.

Even so, the one thing I’d try to improve is the smell. While I like it, what I’d really like is this product in a Bay Rum. smile


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