Citizen “Golf” Watch

Citizen Men’s BM7120-01E Titanium Golf Eco Drive Watch

I’m not at all sure why this thing is billed as a Golf Watch. I’m in the market for a nice Citizen watch, but while I like the look of this, it turns out that the diameter is a bit larger than I would like—42mm. I like one more in the 36mm face diameter range.

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6 thoughts on “Citizen “Golf” Watch”

  1. The first thing I noticed was that the winder is on the left side, so when worn on the left arm, the smooth side would be down toward the wrist and the glove- I wonder if that makes it a golf watch.  A reviewer also stated this is what makes it the golf watch.

    Further, the titanium would probably make it very light.  I like the band with the mixture of a butterfly clasp and rubber/synthetic material.  Probably pretty light watch.

    I stopped wearing a watch when playing.  I had a Seiko which had a band that came apart when swinging, and then I replaced with a G-Shock which is hefty, and bothers me in the swing (probably more because I started thinking about it more than the feel of it on there – like when my shadow is on the ball in a swing)

  2. Wearing a watch when playing golf is sort of a catch 22.  I always wear a watch wherever I go from the pool to the course to work.  Wearing one on the course can be a struggle.

    The first problem I encountered was size.  Yes it can be uncomfortable to wear a watch on the left hand with a glove when playing.  Size is definitely a factor here.  I solved this problem by switching it to my right hand.  Yes, it feels weird at first but you will get used to it.

    Secondly and more of a watch geek level the speed and force at impact can be hazardous to an analog watch’s movement.  The movement’s timing can be altered by such forces.  I solved this by moving to a Casio G-Shock (digital).  These are extremely tough watches that are shock proof and are unaffected by the elements.

    Alternatively they come in all sorts of colors, sizes and style.  There is truly something for everyone.

    On a side bar for GolfBlogger, watch sizes are going up across the industry.  The old stalwart of horology (watch making)is Rolex. They are very slow to respond to changes in watch making for fear that they are short trends.  However their flag ship model the Day-Date went from 38mm to 42mm this past year.  I think it is a calculated move to stay current and also signals that bigger watches are here to stay.  Also women’s watches are now mostly 38mm.

    Hopefully this wasn’t too long and did provide some insight.

  3. Yes, watch sizes are definitely a personal preference.  Personally I’m all over the range, I have a 54mm Russian Diving watch to a 36mm dress watch.  One word of advice for those who like smaller watches is to check out vintage watches on eBay.

    They will smaller and most likely be Swiss automatic movements.  The craftsmanship from 30 years ago still works and some argue is superior.  They can be modernized with a cleaning and new band.


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