Citizens Group Forms To Save “The People’s Course”

A group calling itself Ann Arbor for Parkland Preservation has been formed to help save the Huron Hills golf course from the Ann Arbor City Council. Calling Huron Hills “The People’s Course,” the group’s mission is to:  Preserve Huron Hills Parkland as public land, by actively resisting privatization, commercialization, sale, lease or any other conveyance of the Public’s rights.

The City Council has decided—based on faulty accounting—that Huron Hills is unsustainable as a course and that it should be commercialized in one way or another. It’s a ridiculous notion from a city that spends millions buying up land outside city limits to “preserve green space.” Indeed. Preserve other people’s greenspace, but turn your own into a commercial zone.

Huron Hills is not a great course, but it’s affordable and accessible and a favorite of people with families. It should stay that way.

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